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3 Reasons Mason Jars Rock

Mason Jar Vase

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We all know that mason jars are making a major comeback. They’re showing up at weddings, in hipster kitchens, and all over Pinterest for those really cool DIY projects. Coming from a practical hipster, here are my top three and notes for loving them in my home.



  1. The cups/oz are marked on the side.

    • Portion control is no sweat, used them for transporting lunches & making freezable soup portions.
      • Pro-tip if you’re freezing your jars get the ones that are strait walled rather than the ones with the bottle “neck”.
      • Helps you reach your goal of drinking more water by letting you know exactly how much you’ve drank.
    • All your measuring cups are dirty, but if you have mason jars they make a versatile solution for measuring in a pinch
    • My boyfriend loves them to pop a blender ball in them to make protein shakes, because they’re air tight and our original plastic blender ball started to leak.  
      • Admittedly, I only love this when he remembers to rinse them out immediately after! (Ladies, can I get an amen?!) 
  2. They make great green storage containers for food, preserves, and freezer items.

    • Left-overs, chicken stock, tomato sauce from a can or something else w/o ? Pop it into a mason jar and store it in your fridge. Extra bonus is that you now know how much you have left for your next recipe.
    • Cut down on your plastic waste. I’ve saved a lot of money by not buying plastic bags, wrap, and containers.
    • Avoid harmful plastics leaching into your food during storage and re-heating.
  3. They’re great for DIY projects and gifts.

    You could spend hours trolling Pinterest for this one but I’m going to make it easy and link you to my top three favorite applications and a Pin-board to boot!

    • Home Organization – spices to thumbtacks
    • Baking and gift making
    • Decor & lighting


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This post was written by a friend and guest blogger Lindsey Mark.

Lindsey Mark is a freelance marketing, web analytics, and web designer residing in Denver, CO. She’s a lover of organization, gluten-free living, and DIY. Reach out to her via social media profile buttons below.
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