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5 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Office Space

Here are 5 steps to de-cluttering your desk area and staying organized.  An organized work space creates greater productivity and a smooth workflow.

  1. Clean out your desk and desktop – Shred or recycle documents you do not need. Scan those you need, then shred or recycle them. Store items you don’t use on a daily basis, in your desk. Your desktop should house minimal items. A clean desktop will cause less distraction.
  2. Organize your files – I’m a huge fan of Scan and Shred.  I only keep hard copies of important documents that have original signatures, financial and tax documents.  All others I scan or save as an electronic copy.
  3. Maintain emails – I consider it pretty important to maintain your emails.  Keep important emails or those you have not responded to in your Inbox.  All others file away in the appropriate folder. Keeping your Inbox clean elminates that overwhelming feeling.
  4. Maintain file folders – Organize your files and your desktop.  Create necessary file folders and store all documents in the appropriate folder.  Keep your personal items separate from business items.  You should be able to see your desktop image!
  5. Be consistent! – Try to maintain everyday processes to avoid a pile-up. Some weeks will be busier than others, so try to at least maintain weekly organization.

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