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3 Reasons Mason Jars Rock

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Mason Jar Vase

Photo Credit: wesley peyton via Compfight cc

We all know that mason jars are making a major comeback. They’re showing up at weddings, in hipster kitchens, and all over Pinterest for those really cool DIY projects. Coming from a practical hipster, here are my top three and notes for loving them in my home.



  1. The cups/oz are marked on the side.

    • Portion control is no sweat, used them for transporting lunches & making freezable soup portions.
      • Pro-tip if you’re freezing your jars get the ones that are strait walled rather than the ones with the bottle “neck”.
      • Helps you reach your goal of drinking more water by letting you know exactly how much you’ve drank.
    • All your measuring cups are dirty, but if you have mason jars they make a versatile solution for measuring in a pinch
    • My boyfriend loves them to pop a blender ball in them to make protein shakes, because they’re air tight and our original plastic blender ball started to leak.  
      • Admittedly, I only love this when he remembers to rinse them out immediately after! (Ladies, can I get an amen?!) 
  2. They make great green storage containers for food, preserves, and freezer items.

    • Left-overs, chicken stock, tomato sauce from a can or something else w/o ? Pop it into a mason jar and store it in your fridge. Extra bonus is that you now know how much you have left for your next recipe.
    • Cut down on your plastic waste. I’ve saved a lot of money by not buying plastic bags, wrap, and containers.
    • Avoid harmful plastics leaching into your food during storage and re-heating.
  3. They’re great for DIY projects and gifts.

    You could spend hours trolling Pinterest for this one but I’m going to make it easy and link you to my top three favorite applications and a Pin-board to boot!

    • Home Organization – spices to thumbtacks
    • Baking and gift making
    • Decor & lighting


Select Amazon Mason Jar Products for your enjoyment!



This post was written by a friend and guest blogger Lindsey Mark.

Lindsey Mark is a freelance marketing, web analytics, and web designer residing in Denver, CO. She’s a lover of organization, gluten-free living, and DIY. Reach out to her via social media profile buttons below.
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Donate, Sell, or Recycle Your Unwanted Items

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Now that your closet is organized, what do you do with all those unwanted clothes and shoes?


Dress for Success is a great place to donate your dressy and business casual clothes. Click on the link for donation guidelines.

Soles 4 Souls is a wonderful organization that accepts all shoes, new or worn. Click the link for info on how to donate.

American Red Cross and Salvation Army are also great spots to donate and are close to almost everyone.


Tired of having garage sales or posting on Craigslist….check out these online selling resources

Dresm is a site for Women, Men and Kids. Most sites cater to women, so this is a great site!

Twice is the easiest way to purge and get paid. They offer free shipping and cash upfront, check them out.


SMART is a company that is doing good for the world. Here is a statement from their website:

“Glass, cans and paper can all be recycled. What about t-shirts? Yes, in fact all forms of textiles can be recycled. The EPA estimates that the average person throws away 70 lbs of clothing per year. That adds up to 3.8 billion pounds of unnecessary waste added to our landfills.”



How Do You Organize a Closet?

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I often get this question when clients ask me to organize their master closet. So here are my basic, easy to follow rules when organizing a closet. They may sound very detailed, but hey, that is why you hired me, right?

  • From left to right, I begin grouping clothes by type and color
  • I start with sleeveless tops, then on to short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and finally long sleeves
  • Next in line are jackets, which consist of suit jackets, light outerwear and zip-ups
  • Jeans and pants are next. I separate casual ‘weekend’ wear from ‘dressy/business casual’ wear
  • Skirts and dresses are last. I start with skirts – short to long – and finally, dresses. Dresses are further sorted by sleeve length
  • I’m also a huge believer in shoe racks for all your shoes. Put those beauties on display, so you can easily find them

Once your closet is organized, it’s easy to maintain!

Never Forget Your Paint Color

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Paint SwatchesHave you ever needed to touch up a wall and thought to yourself, I wish I could remember the paint color we used. When we moved into our house last Summer and painted the walls throughout, I decided to keep the paint swatches and write the specific room on the color we chose. I keep the swatches in a file folder labeled ‘Home’. If you’d like to go digital, snap a photo with your smart phone and save it to folder on your computer or to a free & nifty cloud service like DropBox or Google Drive.

Is there anything you do that helps you remember key elements of your project?


5 Ways to Reduce Waste During Your Move

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Are you planning a big move or maybe your kids are going to college? Here are 5 ways to a Greener move:

  1. Use reusable grocery bags to carry your shoes & purses
  2. Reuse boxes from Amazon and other online orders recently delivered to your home
  3. Reuse gift tissue, newspapers and magazines as packing materials
  4. Don’t get rid of those old towels. Pack your dishes using your towels to line the boxes
  5. Reuse bubble wrap for your picture frames and other fragile items

Organizing Artist Spaces

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Sonia Berk - Skull EarringsI recently helped one of my clients, Sondra, organize her art studio in her home. She does beautiful work both creating and restoring jewelry. As you can imagine, most of her supplies are tiny pieces that are difficult to keep organized. I started by helping her create a new system for displaying and storing these tiny pieces so that she can quickly identify them while she’s working. We had a great time working together!

While we were organizing, I noticed these beautiful dia de los muertos earrings and commented how much I liked them. Sondra was gracious enough to give them to me and I wanted to share them with you. The beads are from Oaxaca, Mexico, the leaves are made of glass and the wires are sterling. Check out her amazing work on Etsy! The photo shows her contemporary work at www.SondraBerk.etsy.com, she will be adding more items soon! Her vintage pieces can be found on www.GlamEras.etsy.com. If you like her work and this post, feel free to share it using the buttons above!

Organizing a Budget and Sticking To It

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I heard from many of you, that you would like to know how to create a budget. The first step is to sit down and figure out your total income vs. total expenses. You can click on my Budget Template as a guideline to figure out how much you are over or under budget. Obviously we all want to be under budget. However, if you are over budget, there are additional steps you can take to reduce your expenses.

Financial Organizing

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One of the services we offer and are passionate about is financial organizing. Once your finances are organized and you are able to follow a budget, your stress levels decrease and you develop a sense of control. I would like to know what my clients and fans would like to learn more about.

Which of these topics interest you? What would you like me to break down further?

1. Restructuring Debt

  • What debts should I pay off first?
  • What debts may be affecting my credit?
  • Can I change my bills’ due dates?


2. Creating a Budget

  • Review income vs. expenses
  • Propose spending limits
  • Open or add to a savings account


3. Retirement Planning

  • It’s NEVER too early to start saving
  • Importance of a work sponsored AND individual plan

You can contact me or reach out on my Facebook page

Keep Your Kids Organized This Summer

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I have organized a few playrooms and I love these Kidkraft storage bins. They hold a generous amount of toys and you can see what’s in them. I have seen them as single, double and quadruple bins. They are also somewhat adult decor friendly!

Here is another great storage idea. This unit holds books, toys and has bins for smaller toys. The larger bins are great for regular size paper, legal size and coloring books. I was able to separate and organize crafts for a client, using these bins!

For more storage ideas and organization tips for kids’ playrooms, contact me!


Reclaim Your Parking Spot

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Over the last couple weeks I have organized 3 garages. When I asked my clients what their goals were, they all said “I want to be able to park in my garage”. Is this you? Here are some ideas to get your garage organized and your parking spot back.

  • Clear out all trash and recyclables before you begin.
  • Remove all items you no longer need. Create a donation pile or place items in your vehicle to drop at a donation bin, so that it does not creep back in.
  • Place similar items together. If you have tools on the gardening table, take them over to the tool cabinet.
  • Once you have like items together, take a step back and figure out how you want your garage space to look.
  • Take the time to SORT and LABEL. It may be tedious, but will save you time and aggravation in the long run.

I really like the Rubbermaid FastTrack system. It offers many different hook types and sizes. It also offers wire baskets and bungee cord ball racks.

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