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Labor Day… Where did the Summer go?

Posted on Sep 2, 2011

I don’t know about you, but my Summer went lightning fast.  I cannot believe it’s Labor Day weekend already.  Check out these Labor Day sales at some of the popular retailers.  Sales on clothes, home goods, electronics and other great items.  Click on the link to get organized and start saving before you go!...

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Going to College? Check out this checklist

Posted on Aug 28, 2011

There are so many things to remember to pack when going away to college.  Whether you are headed down the street or hundreds of miles away, check out this list and make sure you have what you need.  Compare this list with your roommate(s).  I have outlined some basics below.  Click on the links for great tips and more detailed lists. Clothes & Shoes – warm and cold weather items Toiletries Accessories – purse, school bag, suitcase Bed linens Laundry and cleaning supplies Electronics – computer, printer, cell phone Small appliances – microwave, mini fridge, coffee maker Basic tools – small tool kits can be found at Lowe’s and Home Depot Storage containers http://www.webreader.com/download/college-moving.pdf http://www.collegeboard.com/parents/apply/college-applications/21381.html http://www.collegeandfinance.com/18-overlooked-things-everyone-should-bring-to-college/ http://www.freshmanchecklist.com/college-freshman-checklist.html Preparation is key.  If you are prepared ahead of time, you are setting yourself up for...

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Go Green on Earth Day and Every Day

Posted on Apr 21, 2011

Mark your calendar tomorrow, April 22nd, for Earth Day.  Think of ways you can GO GREEN!  Here are a few things I’ve done to become more environmentally friendly. Use a small basket to hold your fruits & veggies in your shopping cart, instead of using the plastic bags Try to reduce Ziploc bag usage and replace with plastic/glass storage containers for things such as lunches and leftovers.  I mostly use glass containers and try not to buy plastic. Avoid running appliances such as your dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc., when they are not full. Cut down on paper towel use, try cloth towels instead. Purchase products that use less packaging and those that offer refillable options. Remember your reusable bags when shopping.  This is something I struggle with…they are in my car, but I sometimes forget to bring them in the store.  I also separate my reusable grocery bags from my reusable retail shopping bags. Here is a fun link I found.  It provides multiple uses for a common travel item you would find in your hotel room.  This is a great example of going green even when traveling!  Remember, you don’t have to save the world all at once, just be mindful and try to incorporate new ways to help...

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Tax Day Deals & Freebies

Posted on Apr 13, 2011

April 15th is this Friday!  You can find some great deals and freebies online.  Some companies are giving away freebies on Friday the 15th and others on Monday April 18th (tax filing deadline).  Check out some of the deals I found: California Tortilla – free chips & salsa OR chips & cheese on Monday Cinnabon – 2 free cinnabites on Monday 6-8pm McCormicks & Schmicks – Happy hour on Friday, $10.40 entrees and drink specials on Monday Maggie Moo’s – free mini ice cream sundae on Monday from 3-6pm HydroMassage – free massage from 4/14 – 4/18 More deals may be posted closer to the weekend.  Check it out and hopefully you can treat yourself after paying Uncle...

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Holiday Buzz

Posted on Nov 5, 2010

The holiday craze is right around the corner.  Only 3 short weekends until Thanksgiving!  Get organized and prepared so that you can spend the holidays relaxing with your family. A few things to knock off your list in your spare time: Holiday Gift List – make your list now so you can budget and hit the pre-Thanksgiving and of course the Black Friday sales. Create your holiday menu early – Figure out what you would like to prepare and start early.  That way you are not rushing around last minute. Decorate! – this is the best part of any holiday, besides tearing into your gifts.  Check out these retailers for great decorations:  Christmas Tree Shops, AC Moore, Michaels, Walmart &...

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Back to School Organizing

Posted on Aug 31, 2010

Get your kids and/or yourself organized and ready for school this Fall.  Get prepared early and create a study space that is conducive to learning. Many people do not think about creating a great study space for their children, but it is really important.  I have posted some tips below. The first thing to do is get the supplies you need.  Now is a great time to hit the sales!  Staples has a great “Back to School” sale.  They also have suggested school supply lists for each grade that you can download on their website. The second and most important thing is to create a space conducive to learning.  Here are some tips to think about: Choose a space in your home that is comfortable, somewhat quiet and large enough to fit a desk and chair. Many studies have shown that a room with neutral colors is the best for studying and concentrating.  Loud colors seem to distract your brain. Make sure the space you choose has adequate lighting. Keep your supplies stocked and...

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