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Snow Days Are Great For Organizing

Posted on Feb 3, 2014

Snow days are perfect for organizing! We’ve had a few of those this winter, so no excuses for not getting organized. Here are some ideas… Go through your closet and purge any items you haven’t wore in the past year. Don’t forget those accessories – shoes, purses, jewelry, etc. Here’s a twofer, while organizing your office and files, get your tax documents ready at the same time Organize your linen closets and bathroom drawers Does your kitchen need a fresh start? Organize and clean out your cabinets and pantries. Throw away outdated items. Give your basement a makeover. Purge all those kids toys they no longer play with. Some of you may be thinking, yeah right, I have to take care of my kids on snow days. My answer is… put them to work. Have them help you organize their bookshelves, bathroom drawers, or in the basement. STAY WARM!    ...

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Never Forget Your Paint Color

Posted on Sep 24, 2013

Have you ever needed to touch up a wall and thought to yourself, I wish I could remember the paint color we used. When we moved into our house last Summer and painted the walls throughout, I decided to keep the paint swatches and write the specific room on the color we chose. I keep the swatches in a file folder labeled ‘Home’. If you’d like to go digital, snap a photo with your smart phone and save it to folder on your computer or to a free & nifty cloud service like DropBox or Google Drive. Is there anything you do that helps you remember key elements of your project?...

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How Long Should You Keep Tax Records?

Posted on May 24, 2013

I have been asking myself the same thing. This is an important question when trying to maintain a clean and organized filing system. I thought 7 years was the correct answer, but this is what the IRS says: The IRS recommends taxpayers keep their returns and any supporting documentation forthree years after the date of filing; after that, the statute of limitations for an IRS audit expires. If you’ve under-reported income by 25 percent, however, the IRS can go six years back, or seven if you claim a loss for bad debt or worthless securities. If you don’t file, or if you file a fraudulent return, the IRS has no statute of limitations; so it may be best to keep your records indefinitely. In order to comply with the IRS, while maintaining an organized office, I would recommend keeping the past 3 years onsite, and saving soft copies for ALL tax...

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Posted on Apr 16, 2013

First and foremost I would like to say I am keeping all families, friends, bystanders, runners and all others affected by yesterday’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon, in my thoughts. I am deeply saddened by these events. This tragedy really hit home, as I’m sure it did for many others. My sister works on Boylston street, about a block down from the first explosion. After finally getting a hold of her, I found out she decided to work from home on Marathon day (huge sigh of relief). She was upset as some of her co-workers were unaccounted for. This is normally a bustling area of the city, so you can imagine what it was like yesterday. Luckily she found out all her co-workers were safe and in lock-down at the office. I would like to stress the importance of having a disaster recovery plan. This is important for the sustainability of your business, but much more importantly to confirm the safety of your employees. Invest your time and money in a disaster recovery plan, create an action plan and update it often. ACTION PLAN CHECKLIST Make sure you have up-to-date contact information for all employees as well as their emergency contacts – keep copies at work and home. Create a plan so...

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5 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Office Space

Posted on Jun 2, 2012

Here are 5 steps to de-cluttering your desk area and staying organized.  An organized work space creates greater productivity and a smooth workflow. Clean out your desk and desktop – Shred or recycle documents you do not need. Scan those you need, then shred or recycle them. Store items you don’t use on a daily basis, in your desk. Your desktop should house minimal items. A clean desktop will cause less distraction. Organize your files – I’m a huge fan of Scan and Shred.  I only keep hard copies of important documents that have original signatures, financial and tax documents.  All others I scan or save as an electronic copy. Maintain emails – I consider it pretty important to maintain your emails.  Keep important emails or those you have not responded to in your Inbox.  All others file away in the appropriate folder. Keeping your Inbox clean elminates that overwhelming feeling. Maintain file folders – Organize your files and your desktop.  Create necessary file folders and store all documents in the appropriate folder.  Keep your personal items separate from business items.  You should be able to see your desktop image! Be consistent! – Try to maintain everyday processes to avoid a pile-up. Some weeks will be busier than others, so try to at least...

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