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Do Your Cabinets Need a Spring Clean?

Does this look familiar? Cabinets and pantries can get cluttered before you realize it. In order to get organized, set aside an hour and go through your cabinets/pantries and throw away/recycle all your expired items. Instead of making additional space for more items, rearrange and group like items.

organizing cabinets

Group together: Baking goods, canned goods, cereal boxes, grains, boxed goods and quick meals,┬áchips and snacks, drinks. Once these are grouped it’s easier to find and inventory.

One of the ways to combat the clutter and maintain organization is to check your inventory, then make a list before taking a trip to the grocery store!

There have been times, that I’ve hurried myself to the store without a list and cannot remember what I have or don’t have at home. Or I will leave the house thinking….”I’ll remember what I have”. We’ve all been there.

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