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Is Your House on the Market?

The market seems to be coming back, as most would say…..It’s about time!  The #1 thing a potential buyer looks for in a home is cleanliness and organization!!  Your Realtor would agree.

If your house is currently on the market or soon will be, follow these easy steps to help sell your home quickly.

  • The less clutter and “stuff”, the better
  • All bedrooms should look like bedrooms
  • Remove all clutter from kitchen tables, coffee and end tables
  • Remove/rearrange bulky items in common places — examples
    • Is your kitchen garbage can in a discreet location?
    • Is your pet’s crate in a laundry room or another unnoticeable spot?
    • Do you have gym equipment in your bedroom or living room?
    • Is your pet annaconda in the garage?  If not, lend to a friend until you sell your house.

Some of these are humorous, but are really something to think about.  Things you may think are acceptable, may not be to a potential buyer.  Go through your home, room by room, and determine what you can do to create a clean and well organized space.

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