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It’s Summer… time to organize your garage or other outside spaces!

eye hook

Take advantage of the warm weather and rearrange your outside space.  Is your garage or shed full of clutter?  Here are some ideas to create more space.

Hang large items such as bikes with S hooks or eye hooks, an image of an eye hook is featured.

You can also add space by hanging shelves on the walls.  Now you can organize your small items on to the shelves such as cleaning supplies, garden tools, etc.

There are many other options to add additional space.

  • You can set up slatwalls and hang items such as rakes, shovels and tools.
  • Combine all sports equipment and toys in a storage bin.  Remember to label all bins, so these items are easy to find when you want them.
  • Build a work table with plywood and 2×4’s as the base.  Now you have an area to work as well as extra storage space.

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