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I am rolling out a new service — RESUME ORGANIZING. Many job seekers have great content on their resumes, but the punctuation and layout could use an upgrade.  I have experience in reviewing resumes and I’m aware what employers are looking for.  Here are some simple tips:

  • Make your NAME the focal point at the top of your resume
  • Don’t forget to include an “Objective”
  • Make sure your entire resume is the same font and stay away from non-traditional fonts
  • Be consistent with font size and bold text
  • Include 3-5 bullet points under each job
  • Keep employment dates consistent, i.e. 03/2011 – 08/2012 or 2003-2011
  • The following are assets to a resume: Software Knowledge, Professional Certifications/Licenses, Community Involvement
  • The “Education” section should be similar to: University of Pennsylvania – Bachelor of Science in Finance. Avoid abbreviations.
  • Do not bore potential employers, keep your descriptions short and sweet
  • Your resume should be 1 page, in most cases.
  • Don’t forget to utilize spell check

If you would like me to review your resume, contact me today.

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