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The Student Loan Debacle – Stay on Track!

To all the college graduates out there, now is a great time to begin organizing your student loans and other finances.  You have your degree, but unfortunately most of you have to figure out how to pay off your loans.  Establishing a plan and following it will keep you on track. Here are some helpful tips:

o    CAUTION: do your homework in choosing a lender to consolidate with and make sure you understand all terms of your loan consolidation.

o    Most lenders offer several different repayment plans.  Make sure you understand each of the repayment plans and choose accordingly.  Switching plans during the repayment period can cause you to incur more interest and prolong your pay off date.

o    Shop around for the best interest rate.  Don’t go crazy, but realize that interest rates differ among each lender.

The following websites are helpful research tools:



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