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Tips for Organizing Your Move

Moving can be quite a large task.  We are in the process of moving and there are so many things to get done!  I try to tackle it in 3 parts:

1. Before the move

2. The BIG move

3. After the move 

1. Before the move, I believe is the most challenging.  I love to make a list that I can easily access and attack one to-do item at a time.

  • Obtain quotes for truck rentals and movers
  • Get boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, mattress covers, tape, permanent black markers – request from your movers or purchase on your own.  Home Depot, Lowes and storage places all sell these items.
  • Begin packing items you do not often use. Examples – Formal dining, basement and storage items, books, DVDs, files, trinkets, off-season clothing, etc.
  • While you are packing, place unwanted items to the side and build a “donation” or “sell” pile.  Less clutter!
  • Remember to label your boxes so you know where to place them in your new home.  It’s always a good idea for you to pack and move your important documents, jewelry and other valuables in your own vehicle.
  • Cancel current utilities and sign up for utilities at your new place.
  • Change your address with the Post Office and begin the forwarding process the day before you move, as a cushion.

2. The BIG move – eat your Wheaties!  I always look at it as a good workout.

  • The first thing I do the morning of the BIG move is walk around the house and unplug all electronics/small appliances.  I make sure all cords to the computer, printer, cell phones and all portable iThings are packed in the same box, for easy access and set up at your destination.
  • I also like to have plastic mattress covers laying out ready to go, the night before.  I usually buy enough for the number of mattresses + 2.  The extra 2 are used for sheets/blankets that are on the bed and I also use them to transport our couch cushions.
  • Completely discretionary, but probably a good idea –provide your movers with beverages, AFTER all has been moved out.  Cautionary tale: we provided Gatorade to our movers when they arrived and one of them spilled it on our mattress and carpet, grrr!
  • Once all has been moved out, take one last walk-thru and make sure all cabinets, closets and drawers are empty.

3. After the move – the dust has settled.

  • Besides unpacking all the boxes you just packed, this is the easy part. I like to unpack the necessities first, which are dishes, utensils, computers, electronics, bathroom items and clothing.
  • You may need to visit Target, Walmart or Home Depot for new items.  If so, make a list, measure if needed and bring the measuring tape with you.
  • Depending on how far you move, you may need new doctors, dentists, vets, pharmacy, etc.
  • Even though you’ve changed your address with the Post Office, you should update the following as well:

o   Family, friends, work

o   Kids’ school

o   Bank accounts

o   Retirement & brokerage accounts

o   Credit cards

o   Insurance policies

o   Student Loans/Home Loans/Car Loans

o   Driver’s License/Registration & Voter registration

o   Miscellaneous i.e. Sirius Radio, Gym memberships, Reward memberships

If you would like a detailed to-do list for long distance moves, please send me an email or click on “Contact”.  I have extensive experience and can provide you with all the moving parts!

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